Meet Dr. Kyle

Dr. Kyle FastMed Urgent Care Mascot

About Dr. Kyle:

Dr. Kyle is loved by kids and enjoys being at local events so he can check your heart rate and you can get a photo with him and your friends and family. He works at FastMed Urgent Care and brings joy and fun to events in your community.  Dr. Kyle exemplifies the qualities that are in each and every one of our providers: to be caring, respecting, accepting, valuing encouraging and understanding.

He is scheduled for community events throughout North Carolina and Arizona throughout the year! Don’t miss your chance to have Dr. Kyle at your event!

For your community event:

  • Dr. Kyle is our community doctor, and is available for your community event by appointment scheduling.
  • He can attend: runs, fundraisers, grand openings, and most other community functions.
  • Events can be indoor or outdoor.
  • Dr. Kyle is accompanied by a FastMed helper that helps him from falling or tripping when kids run up to hug him. Dr. Kyle speaks through his FastMed helper.
  • Dr. Kyle enjoys dancing to music! So make sure you give him a chance!


To schedule Dr. Kyle, contact any of your friendly FastMed community event coordinators 3 weeks prior to the event for most likely availability.

* Availability subject to approval and his schedule 

FastMed Presents: Dr. Kyle in Downtown Raleigh

Dr. Kyle Gets a "Workout" at Krav Maga Raleigh

Dr. Kyle Can't Stop Dancing!