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Of all the types of burns, many people consider sunburn the most minor. But over the long-term, nothing could be further from the truth. Even one incidence of severe sunburn in childhood or adolescence doubles your risk of developing skin cancer. 

If your fun in the sun has lasted a bit too long and left you with a painful burn, it’s very important to follow a good treatment protocol — swift intervention may help minimize cancer risk.

Sunburn Treatment 

1) Get out of the sun as soon as you notice your skin reddening. Burns continue to develop even after you’ve removed yourself from harmful UV rays, so react quickly, even to burns that look minor.

2) Take a cool bath. Don’t expose your skin to more heat. (You probably won’t want to; hot water on burned skin hurts!) 

3) Moisturize. Slather on that lotion or aloe gel, the more the better. Your skin is dehydrated, and moisturizing it will help it heal more quickly. Creams and gels containing vitamins C and E may be particularly beneficial.

4) Drink water. Sunburn doesn’t just dehydrate the skin — your whole body will benefit from hydration. Don’t substitute other kinds of drinks, even juices; your body craves the real deal!

5) Don’t pick at blisters or peeling skin. Just let your body do its healing work naturally. Interfering with the process can lead to infection. 

6) If you experience severe blistering or extreme pain, seek medical help. A severe burn can benefit from treatment beyond what you can provide at home. 

FastMed Urgent Care can help your sunburn, and you don’t need to make an appointment. Just come on in to a location near you or sign in online. Our short wait times and expert care will soothe your suffering skin and get you back to your summer fun — but in the shade, this time!