5 Reasons You Should Play Ultimate Frisbee in Asheville, NC Today!


You probably don’t need a reason to play Ultimate Frisbee because it’s incredibly fun (and a great work out). It’s highly unlikely that you live in Asheville or anywhere in Buncombe County and don’t know about Ultimate, but if you haven’t yet discovered the delights of disc, here are five great reasons to check it out. 

You want exercise, but you've had enough of hiking and biking for a while


…and kayaking, and climbing, and backpacking.

You need to work up an appetite.

 Vegan Black Bean Burger

That vegan black bean burger is calling your name! Can you hear it?

You’re all drum-circled out.


Just kidding, we all know that’s not possible.

 It's 70° today but it's supposed to snow this week.

Children playing in the snow 

Though a snow day doesn’t necessarily require snow…

You ARE a hippie…right?

 Hippies walking

Don't all hippies love Ultimate?

Ultimate Frisbee is just like any sport. There’s always a risk of injury. It’s easy to twist an ankle or jam a finger. If you find yourself on the field with a sports injury, visit FastMed Urgent Care on Hendersonville Road! We can help with everything from sprains and dislocations to tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis.

See you on the field!