FastMed Self-Pay Discount Program in Texas

At FastMed, we are committed to helping people in our community get the health care they need. That’s why we developed the FastMed Self-Pay Discount Program, a way for you to get treatment for a fixed price.

Membership in the FastMed Self-Pay Discount Program is $35 annually and includes you and your immediate family.* Discounted, rates for other in-house services for members in Texas are below.  Contact your local FastMed with any questions.

In-house testing included with an office visit at the discounted rate of $149:*

  • Singular rapid in-house labs for strep, flu, mono, RSV, and H. Pylori
  • Urinalysis 
  • Urine pregnancy test
  • Blood glucose
  • Medication given via injection (excluding immunizations)
  • Ear irrigation
  • Wound care
  • Treatment with silver nitrate for superficial skin lesions
  • Evaluation for corneal abrasion 

The FastMed Discount Program in Texas offers a discounted rate of $275 (including the office visit) for any of the following services:*

  • Incision and drainage
  • Treatment of burns
  • Suture repair
  • Application of splints
  • Removal of foreign body from the ear, nose, and eye
  • EKG
  • X-rays
  • Any combination of multiple in house labs 
  • Treatment with silver nitrate for epistaxis 
  • Nebulizer treatment
  • Freezing skin lesions
  • Nusemaid's elbow reduction
  • Abdominal pain evaluation, simple

Select services not included in either list above are available for an additional charge.*  

Examples of Services Not Covered by the FastMed Discount Program:

  • Immunizations – (Hepatitis B, PPD, TDAP, TD, MMR, Varicella)
  • Prescription medications (outside pharmacy)
  • Durable medical equipment (crutches, splints, etc.)
  • Services covered by worker’s compensation or other insurance
  • School PEs/Sports PEs/DOT PEs
  • Services not performed by FastMed providers at FastMed facilities (lipid panel and thyroid panel)


To inquire about the FastMed Discount Program:

  1. Call - Talk to us directly by finding your nearest FastMed Urgent Care.
  2. Come In - Visit one of our clinics and ask one of our Guest Services Specialists for more information.

*Services only provided if determined medically necessary by your licensed FastMed health professional. The FastMed Discount Program is not insurance and the program only applies to select services provided by FastMed in accordance with the discount program. The discounted rates do not apply for healthcare services that are covered by and can be billed to any insurance program a patient has. Patients who have health insurance coverage and/or worker’s compensation coverage for healthcare services will have all rates for such health services determined by the insurers and/or as otherwise determined by FastMed for services provided outside of its discount program.