Michael Rabago

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Michael Rabago, PA-C
Sports Medicine Provider, Chandler

Michael has over 11 years of experience in sports medicine, working in orthopedic surgery and providing medical coverage for Howard Payne University and many local high schools in Brownwood, Texas. He returned to Arizona in 2007 and worked for a prominent orthopedic surgeon and the team physician for the Phoenix Suns, which provided opportunity for him to be exposed to athletes of all levels and experience.

Michael is active in cutting edge research, participating a retrospective study looking at Meniscal Transplants that were 10-15 years post-surgery, and has a pending Publication as a Co-Author titled “Allograft Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Patients Under 25 years of Age.”

Michael graduated from Midwestern University’s Physician Assistant program in 2003. Stemming from his athletic background, Michael has always had an interest in sports medicine. During his time as a collegiate football player, Michael worked as a student athletic trainer for his fellow athletes.

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