Anyone is at risk to experience symptoms such an an earache and fever, but these complaints are especially common with children, rather than adults. Conditions associated with an earache and fever may result from common ear infections called swimmer’s ear or otitis media.

The cause of pain within the ear may be due to a buildup of fluid and a fever may be due to the body’s attempt to fight off an infection. Other symptoms that usually are coupled with an ear infection include lack of appetite and/or lack of sleep. If you or your child is experiencing an earache and fever in Hope Mills, NC (right outside Fayetteville)—it’s important to seek medical care, especially if the symptoms persist for an extended period of time or the pain is severe.

Experiencing an Earache and Fever in Hope Mills, NC? We Have a New Clinic!

Our medical examination may include the use of an instrument called a pneumatic otoscope, which allows for easy view of the potential infection of the ear. After the examination, your FastMed medical doctor will discuss the recommended course of treatment. In some cases, antibiotics may be necessary to fight the infection but it is also possible that the infection may be cleared with the use of OTC medication.

There are various causes and treatments associated with an earache and fever. Hope Mills, NC has a new FastMed location that is staffed with dedicated professionals. FastMed has extended hours and are open on weekends, making it very convenient to come in and speak with a doctor. Stop by your local FastMed in Hope Mills, NC (right outside of Fayetteville) to see why it is the best urgent care facility available!

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