Where to Get Emergency Medical Care

When you need emergency medical care for non life-threatening illnesses and injuries, you typically have two options: the emergency room at the nearest hospital or an urgent care facility. And when illness or injury strike, a 24-hour emergency room may seem like your best option for convenient care.

However, the emergency room can cost much more than urgent care, and long lines and wait times can waste your valuable time. For emergency medical care for non life-threatening illness or injuries, FastMed Urgent care is your best option.

Emergency Medical Care Fast

Emergency Medical CareFastMed’s walk-in clinics are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year with extended hours, making it easy for you to be seen as soon as you become ill or are injured. Our staff is trained in adult and pediatric urgent care, so whether it is you or your kids feeling under the weather, FastMed can provide the emergency medical care you need.

FastMed’s adult and pediatric urgent care services include:

  • Treatment of injuries and orthopedics

  • Treatment for mild to moderate illness

  • Physicals for children and adults

  • Vaccinations and flu shots for children and adults

  • Gynecological exams and sexual health care

  • Acute and chronic illness management (including diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, and endocrine disorders)

With on-site labs, digital x-rays, and EKG equipment in each of our clinics providing quick turnaround time for test results, we’ll have you back home and feeling better in no time. In fact, our goal is to have each of our patients in and out within an hour.

At FastMed, we are dedicated to providing each of our customers with the highest standard of prompt and professional medical care. So if you need emergency medical care for a non life-threatening illness or injury, simply walk into your local FastMed and let us help.

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