Choosing Medical Urgent Care

Medical Urgent Care clinicsFinding a doctor can be difficult. So many primary care physicians aren’t taking new patients or the wait for an appointment is months long.  Medical urgent care facilities like FastMed provide a great alternative for treating common conditions like strep throat, getting a flu shot, having your children vaccinated or getting stitches or a walking cast.  

FastMed medical urgent care is really about getting immediate care in your own neighborhood. You should not confuse medical urgent care with medical emergency care.  If you have a serious or life-threatening condition or injury, call 9-1-1 and get yourself to a hospital right away.  The types of services you should expect at a medical urgent care like FastMed are designed for family medicine.  

Medical urgent care needs to be:

  • Convenient Location: You want an medical urgent care clinic close to your home or office.  FastMed locations are all across North Carolina and Arizona.
  • Walk-in Clinic: Being sick isn’t something you can schedule. Walk-ins are always welcome at FastMed medical urgent care and you can check in online.
  • Quality Healthcare: Going to a medical urgent care needs to offer the same quality of service you’d find at any other medical facility.  FastMed medical teams are qualified professionals with a compassionate and respectful approach to your caring for you health.
  • Affordable Healthcare:  At FastMed we take most major insurance plans, including Tricare for our veterans and military families. Plus we offer a medical urgent care discount program to help you manage the cost of your healthcare.

Medical Urgent Care at FastMed

FastMed medical urgent care locations all have on-site labs, so we do testing in house. That saves time and money – no shipping it over to an outside lab.  We have also have digital X-ray equipment at each medical urgent care.  We check for injuries, such as a broken leg or can determine the cause of back or neck pain.  Is muscular or it is a disc? An electrocardiogram or EKG is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart.  All our medical urgent locations have the equipment to take an EKG.  

Your family deserves great healthcare.  We provide great medical urgent care at FastMed.  

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