Physical exams are something that should be performed annually, especially as you get older. If you’ve ever asked yourself “physical exams are done where?” then you’ll be happy to know that FastMed Urgent Care offers affordable physical exams. Whether you are seeking an annual checkup, or a physical exam for school, sports, or camp, FastMed Urgent Care can meet your needs.

It’s often hard finding time to fit in a physical exam when you work regular business hours, which is why FastMed Urgent Care is so convenient. FastMed Urgent Care offers extended hours and clinics are open 365 days out of the year, making it easy for you to fit a physical exam into your busy schedule. FastMed Urgent Care clinics brings personal care right to your neighborhood.

You don’t even need to make an appointment beforehand – you can simply walk in whenever you feel like it. Next time you ask yourself “physical exams are done where?” remember FastMed Urgent Care.

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