FastMed is the top location for physicals in Hope Mills and Fayetteville NC due to its convenience, affordability and warm environment. The medical professionals at FastMed are dedicated to providing the best possible examination and experience for all of your non-threatening health needs, including physical exams.

These types of exams are typically required for children and teens in order to participate in sports or any other extra-curricular programs. Annual physicals are extremely beneficial for adults, as they allow for better assessment of risk factors associated with various conditions.

Looking for an Urgent Care that Conducts Physicals in Hope Mills, NC?

During your exam, the doctor may ask a series of questions to evaluate health history, and depending on your history, the doctor may find it necessary to further evaluate various aspects of your health. When seeking physicals in Hope Mills, NC it’s essential to trust in your doctor’s ability to properly and accurately cover any concerns or questions pertaining to the health of you and or your child. FastMed’s medical staff is trained and experienced in providing the best possible care relating a physical exam.

Getting a physical in Hope Mills, NC (right outside Fayetteville) is easy with FastMed. The FastMed facility is open 365 days a year and is also open late. An appointment is not necessary and the average wait time to see a doctor is less than an hour. This makes it easy to come in, receive your exam and get on with your day. Since FastMed is open on the weekends, it is no longer necessary to pull your child out of school or after school activities for an exam. Next time you or your child is in need of a physical, give FastMed a try and see why it is the best possible option for all of your basic health needs!

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