Sun Burn

If you get burned, going to an urgent care facility might not be the first thing on your mind. But in fact, FastMed Urgent Care is the place to get your minor burns checked out, especially if you’re not sure how to treat them. Of course, even better than treating a burn is avoiding burns in the first place. Here’s how to steer clear of six famous burns.


If you’re outside for too long, the sun can burn your skin.

How to Avoid

Wear sunblock. Wear long sleeves. Stay in the shade. Basically, put barriers up between your skin and the sun. And remember that according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you “can spend long hours in the shade while still receiving quite a lot of sun exposure and risking skin damage.” Harmful UVB rays can reach your skin indirectly.

Only “deep shade (where we cannot see the sky and no UV penetrates)”, says the Skin Cancer Foundation, offers “truly complete protection.”

Do not try to outsmart the sun. It has 4.5 billion years of experience.

Ellie Goulding – Burn

A pop song that peaked at number 13 on, appropriately for its title, the Billboard Hot 100.

How to Avoid

Turn off your radio; avoid contact with pre-teens.

Chemical Burn


Chemical BurnSome chemicals can cause adverse reactions when they touch your skin. According to MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia, the reaction can be “on the skin, throughout the body, or both.”

Cleveland Clinic says household chemicals that can burn the skin include sulfuric acid fumes (from  batteries), automatic dishwashing detergents, lye (in oven cleaners), and antibacterial cleaners.

How to Avoid

Never play tag in a high school chemistry class.

Mr. Burns

Homer Simpson’s boss at the nuclear power plant; he’s generally prone to evil.

To be fair, Mr. Burns once tried to block out the sun, an evil plot that would have actually reduced the first burn on this list.

How to Avoid

Our culture is saturated with The Simpsons, so you probably can’t avoid Mr. Burns altogether. Plus, why would you want to? He’s a fun character. Conan O’Brien has said he was his favorite character to write for.

Heat Burn

Heat Burn

If something is hot enough, it can burn you.

How to Avoid

Don’t touch hot things. This can’t be restated enough, especially if you’re a child under seven. Also, be careful around bubbling cauldrons of grease.

General Ambrose Burnside

Ambrose Burnside

After serving the Union in the Civil War, Burnside went on to become the Governor of Rhode Island, a United States Senator, and, most notably, the namesake of his distinctive facial hair.

How to Avoid

Don’t travel back in time to the Civil War era; shave, or at least trim, your beard.

Got a minor burn that needs medical attention? Come to FastMed Urgent Care– we can get you the help you need. Our average visit time is just one hour.

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