Spring has sprung in Statesville, North Carolina. Enjoy the season with these activities for you and your family.

Fort Dobbs State Historic Site

 Fort Dobbs State Park

Reenactors in period costume offer “a window into the tumultuous period of history known as the French and Indian War (1754-1763) or Seven Years’ War.”

Why should you care about this war? According to the fort’s website, it “crossed five continents, lasted nearly a decade and sowed the seeds for independence.”

While you’re visiting the fort, take some pity on the people in the past who, sadly, had no access to FastMed Urgent Care for their medical problems.

Love Valley, NC

Ride your horse into town and live out your cowboy fantasies less than half an hour north of Statesville. Parking is also available for those who arrive on vehicles with more than one horsepower.

Although the town’s founder, Andy Barker, passed away in August of 2011, Love Valley is still going strong. 

Hiddenite Gems, Inc. Emerald Hollow Mine


Just over twenty minutes from Statesville is “the only emerald mine in the world that is open to the public for prospecting.” The mine is home to a variety of gems and minerals like emerald, sapphire, garnet, and topaz. And you may come out richer than you came in; the mine’s website claims that “finds worth thousands of dollars are not at all uncommon here.”

Even if you don’t find any retirement gems, you’ll still enjoy “seventy beautiful wooded acres with access to over a half mile of winding creeks…” 

Fiddler’s Grove Festival 2014

Mere minutes from Statesville in the town of Union Grove, NC, the Fiddler’s Grove Festival claims to be “the oldest continuous old time fiddler’s contest in North America.”

The festival is always on Memorial Day weekend (May 23-25th, this year) at Fiddler’s Grove Campground. Here’s a video to tide you over until then:

The Pit Indoor Kart Racing

 Kart Racing

Don’t let a rainy day stop you from having fun. The Pit is a short 17 miles from Statesville, so there’s no need to speed on the way. Save that for the track!

Enjoy racing as well as arcade games, pool tables, laser tag, black light mini-golf, rock climbing, and batting cages. And just in case you have to work (or check Facebook) while the kids are at play, the Wi-Fi is free. 

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