Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s no time like the holidays for family togetherness. When you gather with loved ones for Thanksgiving later this month, one of the main attractions will be the traditional dinner. With all that activity in the kitchen, the risk of an accident is higher than ever. Here are a few simple reminders to help you navigate Thanksgiving and stay safe from harm.

Too Hot to Handle

Cooking requires heat, and heat can cause burns. Always keep an oven mitt or towel handy to use when picking up hot pots or pans. The same goes for serving dishes and plates. Stay safe and protect your hands from harm – now you’re cooking with gas!

Cut with Care

Knives are necessary tools, but a careless moment can end up in a trip to the emergency room. Don’t ruin your holiday dinner – always be mindful of knives and other sharp objects when you’re preparing and serving food.

Play it safe – keep the number for your local FastMed Urgent Care on hand in your kitchen. You’ll be glad you did!

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