Sitting down for the majority of an 8 hour workday is something that many Americans are familiar with.  Recent studies have found that sitting down for long periods of time can pose serious health threats including metabolic syndrome, obesity, high blood pressure, high sugar level and more. More importantly, the study found that exercise does not help to alleviate these risks. Finding time to be active throughout the course of a long day behind a desk is a good way to reduce these harmful effects of sitting. 

  • Find time to stand more at work; it’s ideal to stand for 10 minutes every hour
  • Replace your standard chair with a stability ball, which will force you to move around and engage your core muscles
  • Take frequent breaks to stand and stretch 

Not only are there dangerous physical health risks, sitting too much can actually make you dumber.  In another study, scientists looked at the correlation of walking and the working memory.  They discovered that “walking increases your resources of energy, which you can then invest in thinking.” Getting up and moving around your office is a good way to gather energy to use to for more productive work. Not only can regular movement boost productivity, it can also boost your mood. 





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