FastMed is the premiere place to seek UTI treatment. Hope Mills, NC has a state-of-the-art FastMed facility that is convenient, affordable and dependable. Before you seek treatment for a UTI, it’s important to identify the signs and symptoms associated with a UTI. If after checking the symptoms, you still believe you have a UTI, you should seek medical attention for a professional as soon as possible. FastMed is open late and on the weekends, making it very easy to walk in and see a doctor. The medical professional staff at FastMed consists of doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

It is very simple to receive UTI treatment. Hope Mills, NC has the staff within FastMed to successfully treat this condition quickly and comfortably. The signs and symptoms include the strong urge to frequently urinate, without much liquid and pain or burning sensations during urination. You may also experience pain near the lower abdominal region and urine may be red/pink with a cloudy appearance.

Searching for UTI Treatment in Hope Mills, NC? Look no Further Than FastMed!

The process involved in UTI treatment begins with a urine sample taken by a medical professional at FastMed. If the urine sample comes back as positive, treatment may come in the form of oral antibiotic medication in addition to medication for the painful symptoms associated with UTIs. Once the medication is in your system, you should begin to feel some relief within one or two days of originally taking the prescribed meds. There are a few important pieces of information to remember while taking UTI treatment. Hope Mills, NC specialists within the FastMed medical staff will advise that you take the entire amount of medication, despite feeling relief of your symptoms. Failure to take the full administered dosage may result in a reoccurrence of your infection. High ingestion of fluids is also very important throughout your UTI treatment.

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