Viral infections can cause a wide variety of symptoms, ranging from mild to completely debilitating. The most common viral infections affect the nose, throat, and respiratory system. Since antibiotics are not an effective viral infection treatment, alternative treatments, such as lifestyle adjustments, are commonly utilized when seeking relief. If you’re suffering from a viral infection, visit your local FastMed to discuss potential treatment options with our experienced staff of medical professionals.

Viral Infection 101

Viral Infection TreatmentHow is a viral infection contracted?

A viral infection can be contracted in a variety of ways:

  • Sexual contact
  • Inhalation
  • Exchange of saliva/swallowed
  • Insect bite

What are common viral infections?

Common viral infections include:

What are the potential viral infection treatment methods that do not include medication?

The following may aid in the treatment or management of symptoms associated with a viral infection:

Can certain viral infections be prevented?

Yes. Certain viral infections, such as the flu, can be prevented with a vaccination. FastMed Urgent Care offers the flu shot in both the traditional injectable and nasal-spray method. If you’re interested in receiving a flu shot, contact your local FastMed Urgent Care to verify the available vaccination methods.

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