Experiencing a fever and a sore throat could be indicators of various conditions, most commonly, strep throat. Are you feeling ill and wondering what to do if you have fever and sore throat? Mesa, AZ’s FastMed will be able to provide the care you need. FastMed is open late and on weekends, making it very convenient to walk in and see a medical professional. The staff at FastMed are experienced and dedicated medical doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are available to be seen without an appointment.

Wondering What to do if you Have Fever and Sore Throat? Mesa, AZ has a FastMed Facility That can Help Answer Your Question!

Strep throat is the most common condition associated with a fever and a sore throat. Typically, a fever associated with strep throat is a high fever of at least 101 degrees fahrenheit, which indicates that the body is fighting off an infection. Other symptoms of strep throat include:

  • Pain when swallowing

  • Headache

  • Swollen glands

  • Nausea.

During your FastMed visit you will find out what to do if you have fever and sore throat. The proper tests will be conducted to determine the cause of your symptoms.

Strep throat symptoms come very quick and worsen with time if left untreated. The infection is contagious, so it is important to seek medical attention and to avoid contact with other individuals prior to your FastMed visit. Be sure to frequently wash your hands and avoid sharing food or drinks with anyone that is experiencing symptoms consistent with strep throat. FastMed is able to answer your question of what to do if you have fever and sore throat during your walk in visit.

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