NO. The flu shot will not give you the flu.

For more information, let’s go live to a dialog between friends Sally and Billy, already in progress.

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BILLY:  . . . and that’s how I got banned from every Taco Bell in New Jersey. Hey, speaking of health risks, I’ve decided I’m not going to get the flu shot this year.

SALLY:  What? Why not?

BILLY: I don’t want to get the flu!

SALLY: Silly Billy. The flu shot doesn’t cause the flu. It helps protect you from the flu!

BILLY: But I heard from Bob that his cousin’s friend’s uncle’s sister-in-law got a flu shot and then got sick from the flu!

SALLY: That’s not very hard evidence, Billy. The viruses in a flu shot are dead so they can’t hurt you, and flu vaccine makers run tests to make sure the vaccine is safe.

BILLY: How do you know that?

SALLY: I read a website on common flu misconceptions from the Centers for Disease Control.

BILLY: All right, smarty pants. So why do some people feel bad after getting a shot?

SALLY: Well, you might get some soreness or redness where you get the shot. Maybe a mild fever or aches. But all of this will go away after one or two days. That’s a lot better than having the flu, which can last for one or two weeks.

BILLY: Ok, fine. What was the name of that website you mentioned? Maybe it’s finally time to start doing some research on my health rather than relying on sketchy rumors from uninformed acquaintances.

SALLY: It’s http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/qa/misconceptions.htm.

BILLY: Thanks. I guess you telling me about this flu website is your way of helping it . . . go viral.

SALLY: Oh brother.

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