Step 1: Telemedicine Check‑In

FastMed’s telemedicine service delivers compassionate, high-quality care to your home. Please review the symptomssymptoms we currently evaluate via telemedicine before scheduling your appointment. Following check‑in, you MUST complete your payment and e‑registration.

Telemedicine Pricing (see below for full details):

  • $25 towards co-pay for accepted insurances
  • $89 self-pay pricing*
  • $0 for Medicaid patients

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.

Payment Type *

on when to call 911. *


Payment will be requested following your online check in.

Private insurance or Medicare Patients:

We accept all major insurance plans. A $25 charge will applied towards your co-pay. Approved outstanding rates will be charged following the review of your insurance.

Self-Pay Patients:

Telemedicine appointments will be billed at our temporary relief pricing rate of $89*. If a follow up visit for the same reason is required at our clinic, you will not be charged the office visit fee. This visit will be included in your telemedicine charge. Additional services that may be needed in-clinic will be charged separately. Please see our self-pay pricing for more information.

Medicaid patients:

There aren’t any charges for those who have Medicaid.

*Participation in self-pay pricing cannot be used in combination with commercial insurance benefits nor can it be provided to patients participating in Medicaid. Please note that some procedures are excluded from self-pay pricing. We reserve the right to change our pricing at any time, without prior notice.
See Eligible Symptoms

Currently, all available telemedicine appointments are filled. Find your nearest location for safe, compassionate care in clinic or check back tomorrow for additional telemedicine appointments.

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