Founded in 2005, FastMed is a true pioneer in the urgent care business. Since then, we have successfully treated nearly 6 million patients and have enjoyed much success. However, we have not always been as mission-driven as our patients and employees (we call them team members) wanted us to be.

In order to address this, we recently reformulated our company mission and values to ensure that our mission truly reflects our overriding purpose and that our values help to ensure that this mission is achieved. Here’s where we landed:

Our Mission

To provide patients with the best end-to-end healthcare experience in terms of quality, accessibility, affordability, and compassion.

Our Values

Service: Our ultimate calling is to provide measurably superior service to our patients, and to support our patient-facing team members in their quest to do this.

Teamwork: We communicate and collaborate as partners, understanding that this is essential to achieving our individual and collective goals.

Accountability: We take full ownership of our work, performing it to the best of our ability and with the highest level of personal integrity.

Transparency: We acknowledge our shortcomings so that we can continuously improve as individuals and as a company.

We realize that our patients have many healthcare options, and it while it will not be easy to always deliver on our new mission, with our depth and breadth of experience and the dedication of our team members, we are confident that we can do it. Our values may not be easy to live up to, but we are deeply committed to using them to guide our behavior with our patients, each other, and our other stakeholders every day.

Despite our best efforts, we may not always succeed in conducting ourselves in a manner that is consistent with our new mission and values. If this occurs, we sincerely ask that you share your concerns with us so that we can use these “teachable moments” to continuously improve the service we provide.

Thank you for entrusting your healthcare to FastMed!

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