More than 50 walk-in locations

FastMed strives to answer all patient questions completely and promptly. Following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our urgent care clinics. If you don’t find the information you need here, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

How are FastMed clinics different from hospital emergency rooms or family doctors’ offices?

FastMed is distinguished by our team of dedicated medical professionals, whose driving goal is to provide cost-effective, personalized, walk-in urgent care directly in patients’ neighborhoods. We strive to decrease wait times and offer extended hours seven days a week in a clean and welcoming environment.

For non-life-threatening medical needs, FastMed is a better option than the ER. Our average wait time is less than that of an ER, and the cost of urgent care is about 1/7 as much as an ER visit.

What are the qualifications of the FastMed medical staff?

FastMed’s urgent care providers are highly trained, licensed medical professionals. Each FastMed location is staffed by a healthcare team of medical doctors, physician assistants, and/or nurse practitioners who deliver high-quality, personal care to patients in need of treatment for non-life-threatening conditions.

When do I pay for treatment?

Payment is expected at the time of treatment, unless an alternative payment has been arranged prior to the visit. Patients will be asked for a valid photo ID and their insurance card(s) as proof of insurance upon check-in. This expedites checkout at the conclusion of the visit.

We accept most major credit cards, debit cards, checks, or cash, and have affordable self-pay options available.

What types of insurance does FastMed accept?

FastMed accepts most major insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare. Please visit Insurance by State or call your local FastMed or the insurance provider listed on your insurance membership card to determine if FastMed is in-network with your insurance.

For what types of ailments should I use FastMed?

With on-site labs and X-rays, our urgent care clinics are equipped to treat a wide range of non-life-threatening conditions. See our full list of urgent care services.

To save time, can I fill out registration forms prior to my visit?

Yes, you can complete and print the forms prior to your visit.

What is FastMed?

FastMed’s urgent care clinics across North Carolina provide individuals and families with quality, one-stop, prompt, and affordable medical attention for non-life-threatening conditions. With state-of-the-art medical facilities and licensed healthcare professionals, patients can expect consistent, high-quality medical care and personal attention. Each FastMed is welcoming, clean, comfortable, and easily accessible in local neighborhoods.

Where are FastMed clinics located?

FastMed proudly serves 34 North Carolina counties. We are located conveniently in the shopping centers you frequent. Just like your local grocery store, dry cleaner, or coffee shop, FastMed is never far from home. Our clinics offer extended hours, including weekends, and most locations are also open on holidays.

Is the wait long to see a medical professional?

Our goal at FastMed is to get patients in and treated within an hour. We understand that your time is valuable, so we offer services to enable you to minimize your wait time at our locations, including:

When patients schedule a visit, we assess the urgency of their needs and the availability of appropriate staff. Therefore, patients may not be treated in order of arrival. Rest assured, our goal is to get you treated by a healthcare provider as quickly as possible, to address your specific needs.