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BCBSNC extends the deadline for no copay voucher sent to members when they are seen at FastMed Urgent Care

FastMed Urgent Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina have extended the deadline for Blue Cross Members who received a mailed voucher waving their urgent care copay at FastMed clinics until May 31, 2013.

FastMed Urgent Care and BCBSNC began the program in November 2012 with a special mailer that included a voucher going out to over 11,000 of BCBSNC HSA members throughout North Carolina.

BSBSNC members who are treated at a FastMed Urgent Care clinic and present the voucher will have their copay for that visit waived. BSBSNC members with a HSA account will receive a $30 credit on their bill when treated at FastMed Urgent Care.

The voucher program was launched with the goal of providing members valuable information on the differences in the cost and convenience of urgent care and the emergency room. The emergency room is the place to be seen for serious injuries or life threatening conditions. However, for colds and flu, sprains and strains (and more!), you can get the same quality care at lower cost and less wait time by visiting a FastMed Urgent Care clinic.

Recipients of the BCBSNC FastMed Urgent Care voucher are encouraged to keep the coupon in their wallet, purse or with them just in case a minor medical emergency happens.

FastMed Benefits

  • UCAOA certified
  • Open 7 days/week; 365 days
  • Quality facilities with separate
  • Sick and well waiting rooms
  • Knowledgeable, certified Medical staff
  • Advance check-in available With ZipPass
  • Many patient-focused programs like the Savings Plan, ClariSkin, WellCheck and Pharmacy

Reuel Heyden | Sr. Dir. Of Marketing and Community Relations
FastMed Urgent Care
Phone: 919.550.0821×1016

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