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FastMed now offers patients rapid COVID-19 antibody testing

Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Testing Available Now

The rapid COVID-19 antibody test is administered quickly in FastMed clinics, provides results in less than 60 minutes, and does not require a medical provider evaluation

PHOENIX (May 18, 2021) – FastMed, one of the nation’s largest urgent care providers, now offers rapid antibody testing at all its 105 clinics across Arizona, North Carolina and Texas. The finger-prick blood test will detect whether a patient has developed antibodies to the virus causing COVID-19 from vaccination or previous COVID-19 infection. Patients will receive results within an hour, whereas other antibody results could take up to several days.

“The COVID-19 antibody test offered at FastMed detects both nucleocapsid as well as spike protein antibodies and can determine antibody response both to infection and vaccination,” said Lane Tassin, M.D., co-chief medical officer at FastMed. “Many patients may be reassured or take comfort in the knowledge that they likely have some degree of protection against a potentially severe illness.”

FastMed anticipates that a large percentage of antibody tests will be requested by patients who want to know if they previously had COVID-19 and/or are curious if they developed antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 as an effective response to their vaccine. It is important to note that health officials do not know what extent or how long a person with SARS-CoV-2 antibodies is protected from reinfection.

In addition to now offering the rapid antibody test, FastMed continues to offer a variety of COVID-19 diagnostic tests to meet patients’ different needs. These diagnostic tests can determine whether you currently have COVID-19, and can be a useful tool when traveling or before seeing family and friends. Besides an RT-PCR test where the results are available in a few days, FastMed offers two rapid testing options that produce results while patients are still in its clinics.

All of FastMed’s COVID-19 diagnostic tests are covered by insurance, but self-pay options are also available. To learn more about FastMed’s COVID-19 testing options, visit To find a clinic near you, please visit

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