First Aid Kit Essentials to Survive Winter in Marana, AZ


 First Aid Kit Essentials to Survive Winter in Marana, AZ

Winter is on its way. Residents of Marana are preparing for festive holiday lights, the Accenture Match Play Championship, and maybe even a sprinkling of snow – stranger things have happened! As the season approaches, don’t forget to stock up on your first aid kit supplies. If you get sick this winter, you’ll want to hunker down with your go-to comfort foods and watch the Wildcats kick some tail, not head to the store for emergency medicine. Avoid late-night trips to the pharmacy by getting these supplies in advance.


Whether you’re weeping over a devastating loss in the Territorial Cup (God forbid!) or you just have a really bad cold, tissues are essential for any winter first aid kit. Don’t skimp out – go for the tissues with lotion. You deserve a little pampering when you’re sick!


Whether you have a cold or the flu (figure out which one it is here), you may have a fever. Make sure you have an accurate thermometer. It’s a much more reliable method for taking your temperature than the back of Mom’s hand. Keep a good supply of thermometer covers, if your thermometer uses them, as these germs love to bounce between family members. And if your thermometer is reusable, give it a good wash before packing it back up.

A Nighttime Antihistamine and a Daytime Antihistamine

Have you ever accidentally taken a nighttime medication first thing in the morning? That groggy feeling can be almost as bad as the symptoms it cleared up! Antihistamines are helpful if you have a runny nose or can’t stop sneezing. Avoid antihistamines with diphenhydramine during the day, as these can make you drowsy.

Nasal Decongestant

If you have a sinus infection or stuffy nose, a decongestant can help. Decongestants shrink the blood vessels in your nose so your air passages open up. These drugs are chemically similar to adrenaline and may cause sleeplessness or a jittery feeling, so avoid taking decongestants in the evening.

Saline Spray

A non-medicated saline spray works more slowly than the medicated kind, but you won’t suffer from a ‘rebound effect’ if you use it often. The ‘rebound effect’ happens when medicated sprays are used for more than three days and can cause you to become even more congested. A saline spray will loosen mucus without this negative effect.

Hand Soap

The best way to avoid getting sick is to regularly wash your hands. Even if you do get sick, you should definitely keep up with the hand washing to avoid spreading the illness to those around you. You can use antibacterial soap for greater protection.


FastMed recommends peppermint tea or lemon tea for your first aid kit. Peppermint tea is mentholated and will calm coughs, soothe sore throats, and even act as a natural decongestant. Lemon tea is full of vitamin C, and with a bit of honey, can be a real balm for flu victims.


Aches, pains, chills, and other symptoms are part and parcel of many winter illnesses. An over-the-counter pain reliever can help ease the pain. Acetaminophen works well because it can be given to adults and children, and it is the only pain reliever that the CDC recommends for babies under six months. Do not give aspirin to children who have cold or flu symptoms, as it may cause Reye’s syndrome. Acetaminophen is safer for your whole family.

Cough Drops

Cough drops and throat lozenges can help with sore throats and reduce constant coughing. Experiment with a few different kinds until you find one that tastes good and works well for you. Look for lozenges with cooling and numbing ingredients like menthol or eucalyptus.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a panacea for the sick and injured, especially during the winter. It can soothe chapped lips, moisturize dry skin, prevent wind burn, and when applied to wounds, can minimize scarring and infection rates and decrease inflammation.

Electrolyte Tablets/Powders

Quickly rehydrate by adding electrolytes to your water. These are particularly helpful if you’ve been vomiting, as your body loses those nutrients. Electrolytes will help to replenish your energy reserves, so you can fight off your illness.

Address of Your Local FastMed

Those in Marana, Arizona should grab an index card and make note of our address: 7850 North Silverbell Road, Suite 132. Store this index card in your winter first aid kit, so you’ll always know where to go if you’re suffering from a winter illness like a cold or the flu.

We’re currently offering $10 flu shots at FastMed Urgent Care in Marana, so stop by between 8am and 8pm Monday through Saturday or 8am and 4pm on Sunday, and we’ll get your flu shot taken care of. With a little bit of luck, you may not even need your winter first aid kit!