Required Vaccinations for Phoenix Public Schools


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Every child attending a public school in Phoenix must provide an Arizona School Immunization Record (ASIR 109). If you choose not to vaccinate your child for medical reasons, religious beliefs, or personal beliefs, you must fill out one of the new exemption forms, which can be found here. At FastMed Urgent Care in Phoenix, we encourage all members of the community to stay up to date with vaccinations, both for your own health and for the safety of those around you. It can be hard to keep track of which vaccines your child still needs, as some require multiple doses. Here’s a quick guide to the vaccinations your child might be due for.


These are vaccinations for the bacterial diseases diphtheria, acellular pertussis, and tetanus. DTP is an older version of the vaccine and is no longer in use. DTaP and DT are for children under the age of seven, and Tdap and Td are for older children and adults. Children under seven should receive four or five doses of DTaP (or DT, if they cannot tolerate the pertussis vaccine). At least one of these doses should be given after the age of four. If the child received all doses before four years of age, an additional dose is required.

Once a child reaches the age of eleven (about 6th grade), he or she should receive the Tdap vaccine. A Td booster is required ten years after the Tdap dose. These vaccines cannot be given in the same visit as any other vaccine, so come to a FastMed Urgent Care in Phoenix [LINK] any time to get this quickly taken care of.


The meningococcal vaccine prevents meningitis. One dose of the vaccine is required for students over the age of ten. For 12th graders, the State of Arizona recommends one dose of the meningococcal vaccine, but it is not required.


The polio vaccine should be administered in its entirety before your child has reached school age. Three doses are required by the age of four. If your child received the third dose of the polio vaccine before his or her fourth birthday, a fourth dose may be required.


This vaccine protects against measles, mumps, and rubella. Two doses are required for any child enrolling in a Phoenix public school. If the first dose was given more than four days before the child’s first birthday, a third dose is required.

Hepatitis B

Three doses of the hepatitis B vaccine are required before a child enters school. If the third dose was given before the child was sixth months old, a fourth dose is required.


This is the chicken pox vaccine. Before September of 2011, parental recall of chicken pox disease was enough to exempt a child from this vaccination. However, if your child enrolls in school for the first time after September of 2011, you will be required to present proof of varicella immunization or a valid exemption. If a student didn’t receive the varicella vaccine until he or she was thirteen years of age or older, two doses are required.

You should be aware of some optional vaccines that are strongly recommended in addition to the 2014-2015 immunization requirements for Phoenix public schools. The HPV vaccine is a series of three shots given over sixth months, and should be given to both boys and girls at age eleven or twelve. If your child is older and has not yet received the HPV vaccine, the CDC and FastMed Urgent Care strongly recommend that he or she receives it as soon as possible. The CDC also stresses the importance of yearly flu vaccinations. You and your family members should get vaccinated when the vaccine becomes available, usually in October. FastMed Urgent Care has nine convenient locations in Phoenix, where you can receive any and all of the vaccines your child needs for school and life.