Charlotte North Carolina's WBTV Channel 3 News Interviews FastMed Urgent Care

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With the Affordable Care Act, and many other changes occurring in healthcare, North Carolinians are spending more and more time educating themselves on less expensive and more convenient ways to get medical care and reduce their healthcare costs.

A real solution to the challenge of cost, convenience and timeliness of healthcare for North Carolinians is FastMed Urgent Care.

CBS affiliate WBTV in Charlotte recently reached out to FastMed Urgent Care’s CEO and President of the Eastern Region, Jason A. Williams, MPAS, Ph.D, to discuss the growing importance of urgent care, specifically FastMed, in changing the dynamic of local community healthcare by providing alternatives to the ER and support for primary care physicians outside of normal 8 am to 5 pm business hours during the week.

 Read the full story by WBTV's Kristen Miranda: WBTV Channel 3 News: Ditching the family doctor


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