FastMed’s President: Importance of Ambulatory Center Investment Bankers

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Importance of Ambulatory Center Investment Bankers

FastMed’s President, Kyle A. Bohannon, was featured in a M&A Advisors article published on the importance of “Investing in Investment Bankers.”

Bohannon spoke on three critical reasons ambulatory centers sellers need to seek support from an investment banker in that particular industry:

  1. Marketplace Opportunities
  2. Enhancing Revenue
  3. Investment Banker Value

“An investment banking team should possess significant industry and transaction experience coupled with advanced finance and accounting knowledge,” said Kyle Bohannon, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Development, now President at FastMed Urgent Care. “Such attributes will enable the banker to appropriately position the client among the broader universe of potential buyers and highlight unique selling points.”

For the complete April, 2014 article and an explanation of the three critical benefits of investment bankers when selling an ambulatory center, click HERE.


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