If Movies Got the Flu

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Ferris Bueller’s Day Sick

Ferris plans to take another day off, but when he wakes up, he’s actually sick. He stays in bed all day.

Back to the Flu-ture

Marty wastes 15 minutes coughing in the DeLorean, missing his chance to get back to the year 1985.

It’s a Miserable Life

After protesting that he won’t get the flu shot, a man is taken to an alternate reality in which everyone has the flu. Our hero returns to his own reality filled with the true spirit of vaccination.

Saving Private Byron

Private Byron gets the flu while on holiday leave. He takes some antiviral drugs, feels better, and then takes a nap.

A Flu-tiful Mind

A brilliant scientist descends into madness when he can’t remember whether he’s gotten a flu shot. He’s so distracted that he fails to win the Nobel Prize.

Indiana Jones and the Two Week Sick Leave

Professor Jones takes a leave of absence after coming down with a nasty flu. Upon his return, he is faced with a daunting backload of academic work. His trip to the ruins of a legendary treasure temple is indefinitely postponed.

The Big Flu-bowski

The Flu abides, man.

The Sick Sense

A child psychologist thinks his patient can smell dead people. But it turns out the kid is just congested.

The Usual Symptoms

A con artist gets a sore throat and realizes that once again, he forgot to get his flu vaccine.


A friendly anthropomorphic rat cooks at a fine dining restaurant. After coming down with the flu, he briefly considers the sanitary implications but decides to keep cooking because why not, he’s a rat.

The Sound of Flu-Sick

Two hours of non-stop hacking, sniffling, coughing and sneezing, followed by a Nazi invasion.

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