Mary Jane McKittrick with The Passport to Civility Features FastMed Urgent Care

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Mary Jane McKittrick with Boomer and Halley’s Passport to Civility visited FastMed Urgent Care to learn how the healthcare providers and staff use civility in serving patients in Aberdeen, North Carolina.

Provider Luke (William) Hickman and Guest Services Specialist Cori Walker describe FastMed’s patient centric approach where patients are cared, respected and valued by each FastMed clinical staff member in the course of the patient’s treatment by FastMed.

From the warm greeting when you walk in, to complementary water and of course efficient medical treatment, FastMed Urgent Care sets the bar very high on delighting patients and meeting their needs. More information on FastMed can be found on Mission Statement page under the About Us section on our website.

Based in Southern Pines, Mary Jane McKittrick’s experience includes working for several decades in entertainment television and TV news as an anchor, reporter and producer. McKittrick is founder of Boomer and Halley and the Passport to Civility, which is dedicated to educating companies and the general public alike on positive stories of civility, kindness and positive communication. More information on Boomer and Halley and the Passport to Civility can be found on her website:


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