Parental Warning: Self-Injury Risk Danger of Kid’s Homemade Blow Darts

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Perform a quick search online for “homemade blow darts” and the results will surprise you.

Search and you would expect to find links to websites showing you how to make a homemade blow dart. But lately the top results have been news articles around the health dangers and possible life threatening condition of kids inhaling homemade darts.

The cause? It is a trend for kids to learn how to build homemade blow darks and when attempting to use them, accidentally sucking the homemade darts down their windpipes.

In some cases, the darts could impale the trachea or punctured the veins of the airways and require open throat or chest surgery to remove.

USA Today, MSNBC and others have run health warning segments to educate parents and kids on the self-injury health risk.

YouTube videos, and many other websites demonstrate how to make homemade darts from wire or needles inserted into a frayed shoelace or pencil erasers, and blow guns from PVC pipe and curtain rods.

There have been only two cases recorded in the past five years by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, but over 5 cases requiring medical treatment just over the past month.


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