Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room: Where Should I Go?

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When you're hurt or sick, you want to get well again as soon as possible. If you are concerned that your condition may be life threatening, it is best to go straight to the emergency room. But what about less serious issues, like broken bones or fevers? 

Did you know that the average visit time to a FastMed Urgent Care clinic is only one hour? Compare that to a four-hour average visit time for emergency departments. If you do visit the emergency room and they determine that your condition isn't urgent, your wait will likely be even longer. Do you really want to sit in the ER waiting room for half a day if you don't have to? 

Another benefit to visiting FastMed Urgent Care for less serious conditions is the cost. On average, a visit to FastMed Urgent Care will cost you seven times less than a trip to the emergency room. 

Use our interactive chart below to determine when you should go to the ER, and when you can save time and money by visiting your neighborhood FastMed Urgent Care.


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