Protect Yourself From Norovirus

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Raleigh, NC; February 1, 2012

A recent outbreak of Norovirus plagued over 150 people attending a YMCA Youth Conference in downtown Raleigh, NC.  People suffered from upset stomachs, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea; many were sent to local hospitals. 

Norovirus is essentially a stomach bug that is transmitted through contaminated food, water and contact with infected surfaces. Dr. Melvin Lee, Chief Medical Officer of FastMed describes this virus as “very contagious, it can spread within minutes and last in your system for two to three weeks after you are feeling better”.  This can be very dangerous because while your body is recovering; the norovirus may still be active.  The Center for Disease Control suggests not handling food for the public for at least three days after you start to feel better to prevent further spreading the virus.

Washing your hands and staying hydrated is a crucial part of recovery after contracting the norovirus.  Dr. Lee suggests avoiding sports drinks that are high in sugar content and sticking to a hydrator such as Pedialyte that can replenish your body with key electrolytes and other nutritious vitamins or simply drink water.  He does suggest that you see a Doctor if your symptoms continue, especially if you are an infant or an elder as you are more susceptible to dehydration.  Visiting places such as FastMed can provide quick rehydration techniques and also reduce nausea and stomach pain in less than one hour’s time.

Keep yourself healthy by proactively taking these steps: wash your hands with soap and water, disinfect surfaces, stay at home when sick, do not prepare food for others for at least three days after
you are feeling better and remember to stay hydrated. 

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