Triad, NC Parents: Prep Your Kids for Back-to-School Success


Back to school

From Greensboro to Winston-Salem to High Point, kids all over the Triad are heaving a sigh of sadness as they realize that summer is already halfway over. With the school year beginning in just a few short weeks, it’s time to start getting your children back into the educational mindset. You may have loosened up a bit on firm bedtimes and ice cream before dinner (who can resist the siren call of the ice cream truck?), but now is the time to begin easing your children back into the school routine. Here are a few ways you can do that - without putting a total damper on their end-of-summer fun.


Routine and structure are critical for mental and physical health. If your child is up until midnight one night and then sleeps for twelve hours the next, his circadian rhythms will be very disturbed. A few weeks before school starts, initiate a bedtime routine. If you’ve gotten drastically off schedule, you may need several days to help your child get back on track. Put them to bed a little bit earlier each night, until you’ve reached the ‘school night’ bedtime. Do the same with waking them up in the morning. They may not thank you for it now, but you’ll appreciate it when they are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the first day of school!

Physical Activity

When the sun is shining and your kids have the whole day to play, they (hopefully!) get a lot of exercise. From summer camps to swimming in the pool, summer afternoons are often filled with physical activity. How can you best keep this positive behavior going when your child goes back to school? Start discussing potential activities and sports your child might want to play this year. Whether it’s dance lessons after school or karate on the weekends, make sure that you include physical activity in your child’s schedule after school starts.


Schools are a breeding ground for new ideas, but they can also be a hotbed of bacteria. Find a multivitamin that your child likes to take (or at least doesn’t mind), and get him or her started on it now. That way, the immune system will be more prepared for the barrage of germs and viruses your child is sure to encounter at school. No one likes sick days, and starting a vitamin routine now will get your child used to it and fortify him or her against colds, the flu, ear infection, and other issues.

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