Poison Oak

Most people are allergic to poison oak, poison sumac, and poison ivy. Each of these plants contain a compound that causes a reaction on the skin of those who have the allergy. The reaction of the skin is known as contact dermatitis, and if you're allergic to poison oak, you will have this reaction within around 72 hours of being exposed to the plant. The rash will present as an itchy and uncomfortable skin rash with red streaks and lines, and it may cause the formation of blisters filled with fluid or a large raised bump-like textured spots, which are known as hives.


Although many people choose to just use some calamine lotion and suffer it out for a few days or longer, a better idea is to see a healthcare provider at FastMed Urgent Care. A doctor can prescribe a course of antibiotics if the rash is becoming infected and can also give you a prescription for special creams or ointments that can alleviate the symptoms of contact dermatitis.