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At FastMed, your health is our number-one priority. As we keep learning more about COVID-19 and new variants of the virus, you can count on FastMed to provide the information you need to help protect yourself and your family. The COVID-19 Delta variant is a new, more contagious mutation of the… Read more
Remember flu and cold season? COVID-19 may still be getting the spotlight, but flu and cold season is now upon us as well – making it even harder to distinguish between COVID-19 and flu and cold symptoms. What about the flu vaccine? Is it safe to get the flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine at the… Read more
Summer is here! Many of us are heading out to enjoy vacations, sports, and outdoor activities – but the more active we are, the more prone we are to injuries. Learn what a dislocation is, which dislocation symptoms to watch for and when you should seek dislocation treatment. A season for fun… Read more
Public health officials, government leaders, doctors, and now even television commercials are touting the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine. If you’re still on the fence, please keep reading to learn why the COVID-19 vaccine is so important – not just for you, but also for your community. … Read more
As summer approaches, kids are preparing to say goodbye to school and hello to camp. Learn how to prepare your kids for camp from a COVID-19 and general health standpoint, and why a camp physical should be at the top of your to-do list. Camp & COVID-19 After most camps were closed in 2020,… Read more

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