Every day, glands in your nose and throat produce an average of one to two quarts of mucus. Although it may not be a pleasant topic to talk about, mucus is essential for keeping the nasal membranes clean and moist, humidifying the air that you breathe, clearing the nasal passages of foreign… Read More
Spring is the time of year when gardening enthusiasts start sharing their favorite gardening tips, and our FastMed staff is no different. Whether you like to landscape your yard with colorful flowers or raise your own vegetables, gardening is a great way to increase your physical activity and… Read More
With the transition from winter into spring, we see a number of patients with cold-like symptoms who are unsure if they are suffering from a common cold or just seasonal allergies. FastMed takes a closer look at how to tell the difference between cold versus allergy symptoms. Allergies or Cold… Read More
Most species of bees are not aggressive and rarely sting unless provoked. As we start to spend more time outdoors enjoying spring and summer activities, however, the chances for a bee sting increase. The following guide from FastMed will help you know what to do for a bee sting and how to recognize… Read More
Spring is a beautiful time of year as the earth comes back to life with colorful flowers, and the trees and grass awaken from their dormant state. Spring can also be a miserable time of year for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. For some individuals, allergy season can start as early as… Read More

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