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The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented effect on our daily lives, so we wanted to take a moment to answer some of the most common questions that our FastMed providers are getting from patients about how to protect themselves and their families. What Are Common COVID-19 Symptoms? Most… Read More
Spring break is a time for college students to get some well-deserved rest from their studies. Unfortunately, all of the fun can also have unintended consequences. The following spring break tips from FastMed will help ensure that you come back safe and healthy. How Important Are STD Prevention… Read More
Approximately one-third of all deaths worldwide are caused by heart disease. Most cases of heart disease are the result of diet and lifestyle. The following guidance from FastMed will help you choose a more heart-healthy diet for you and your family. Why Is It Important to Choose Healthy Food for… Read More
From excessive screen time to diets filled with processed convenience foods, many children and teens are at increased risk for heart disease as adults. The following diet and lifestyle tips from FastMed will help your child keep their heart healthy well into adulthood. What Are Some Ways My Child… Read More
How Can I Prevent Heart Disease? During February, our thoughts turn to matters of the heart. In addition to Valentine’s Day, February is also American Heart Month, which is intended to increase awareness about heart health, heart disease prevention and symptoms of heart disease in men and… Read More

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