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1. First, what exactly is a tick bite? A tick bite is when a tick attaches itself to the skin, which can be both annoying and potentially carry diseases. You might come across a tick when hiking or spending time outdoors, as ticks are commonly found in grassy and wooded areas in the hot months, and… Read more
TL;DR -When you need immediate medical attention for a minor illness or injury, but doesn't necessarily warrant a trip to the emergency room, urgent care is a quick and easy way to get better faster. FastMed and CareSpot are here to offer affordable same-day care, with walk-ins welcome and hours to… Read more
We’ve all had that feeling of dread when we’re stuck in a small space with someone who starts coughing and sneezing. Are we going to get sick, too? Now that most public places have lifted COVID-19 mask requirements, you may have even greater reason for concern. Respiratory infections continue… Read more
Your nose is stuffy. Your eyes are watery. You can’t stop sneezing. And you’re exhausted. It’s not just your imagination – allergies can make you tired for a variety of reasons. The arrival of spring means the arrival of allergy season. FastMed is here to help allergy sufferers… Read more
Every January, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions to change their lives for the better. Studies show that almost half of these resolutions involve their health. Many of us resolve to lose weight, exercise more or quit smoking, just to name a few. As another holiday season ends,… Read more

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