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The latest health news is buzzing about monkeypox, especially as case numbers grow in the United States. After the COVID-19 epidemic, many people are understandably wary of “new” viruses – and if you’ve never heard of monkeypox until now, you’re certainly not alone. What is… Read more
It’s a feeling that no one wants – the constant urge to urinate, a burning sensation when you urinate or both. If you are experiencing symptoms like these, you may have a UTI. UTIs are very common, and we see them often at FastMed. Keep reading to learn what a UTI feels like, if a UTI can go… Read more
As we prepare for hot, sunny summer days and all the fun activities that accompany them, it’s important to remember a vital part of our body that will need some extra attention and care: our skin. FastMed is here to help keep your skin healthy this summer and all year long. But you can have… Read more
Broken bones, fractures, dislocated joints and other injuries can be painful. Thankfully, you don’t have to go to a crowded ER or a radiologist’s office to get an X-ray. Urgent cares can do X-rays, including FastMed locations. What is an X-ray and how do you know if you need one? Keep reading… Read more
Your nose is stuffy. Your eyes are watery. You can’t stop sneezing. And you’re exhausted. It’s not just your imagination – allergies can make you tired for a variety of reasons. The arrival of spring means the arrival of allergy season. FastMed is here to help allergy sufferers… Read more

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