What is ClariSkin

FastMed Urgent Care Offers an Acne Treatment Program

Everyone desires clear, radiant skin and FastMed clinic wants to help make that dream a reality by offering ClariSkin.

What is ClariSkin?

It is a three-part acne treatment that is created to be customized, treating each case uniquely. ClariSkin is designed to fight existing breakouts quickly, prevent future breakouts and avoid scarring.

FastMed Urgent Care is offering ClariSkin to treat mild to severe acne. Patients suffering from acne can start skin treatments in FastMed clinics without an appointment. ClariSkin is covered under most major insurance plans. During a consultation a medical professional will assess the patients skin’s condition for mild, moderate or severe acne. The patient will then receive a customized treatment that may include antibiotics or topical medications. Check out www.fastmed.com to find a clinic near you and confirm they are offering ClariSkin, which is not found at every facility.

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