Itching eyes, watery nose, sneezing, and cough—all of these are signs that your allergy medicine may not be working for you. If you suffer from allergies, you may have tried one or more allergy medicine options. Finding the right medicine for your particular needs can be a trial-and-error process, but finding the best medicine for your allergies may mean visiting a doctor for a prescription. While over-the-counter or OTC allergy medicine options can be effective for some allergies, many people find them to be ineffective for their needs and they keep suffering along with their allergies instead.


Most doctors recommend a particular allergy medicine that is based on several factors, including your previous allergy medicines and the luck you had with them as well as the severity and type of allergies from which you suffer. A visit to FastMed Urgent Care is the best way to get the ball rolling when it comes to finding the right allergy medicine for your particular allergies.

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