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As more changes in the healthcare law continue to take effect in 2013 and 2014 as a result of the Affordable Care Act, the uninsured or underinsured Americans have become more of a focus. A research article by Jason A. Williams, MPAS, Ph.D, President, CEO and Founder of FastMed Urgent Care titled Americans and Their Lack of Insurance was written for the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine. 

Written in 2004, The purpose of this article was to explore the many health insurance systems that have been utilized in major countries around the world and to explore the short comings of the employee sponsored insurance system utilized in the United Sates. Japan, Sweden and Canada each have a health insurance system that is based largely on universal health care as compared to the employee sponsored insurance driven health system within the United Sates. In review of the health care systems within Japan, Sweden and Canada, it can be concluded that further consideration should be given within the United States to the adoption and implementation of a universal health care system. Implementing such a system would resolve current problems associated with uninsured and underinsured citizens within the United States.  While many objections have been raised in the past as to the costliness of universal healthcare, the experiences of the aforementioned countries would seem to suggest that it is possible to finance such a system, even in countries that are not as wealthy as the United States.

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