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If you’ve ever had a cold or known somebody who did – which is to say, you’re a human on Planet Earth – you’re familiar with Cold Voice. It’s that low, sultry voice that makes getting sick almost bearable.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, vocal changes (or disappearances) during a cold are due to two separate things:

Some colds swell the vocal cords, causing them to rub together. Colds also can dry up mucus, which is supposed to act as a vocal cord lubricant.

Wow – getting a cold sounds downright sexy! And while you should probably rest your voice in most cases, you might want to make an exception for Valentine’s Day in February. What better way to make the most of your cold voice than by singing one of these Barry White tunes to your beloved?

Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe

Just like when you have a cold, you can’t get enough fluids.

You’re The First, The Last, My Everything

We don’t expect you to think of FastMed Urgent Care with quite this level of adoration – but we do strive to give you the best possible care!

Practice What You Preach

Fair warning: you’re going to have a pretty deep cold voice to successfully mimic Barry at the beginning of this track.

Just the Way You Are

Sure, this is a Billy Joel tune, but you haven’t heard it until you’ve heard it from Barry. And remember: a true lover will love you just the way you are – even if that means you’re sniffling a lot.

By the way – there are steps you can take to get your normal voice back. The University of Rochester Medical Center Health Encyclopedia recommend drinking fluids (but not caffeine), avoiding antihistamines and analgesics like aspirin and ibuprofen, not clearing your throat too often (it can make your vocal chords swell), and resting your voice (Barry White songs excepted, of course).

You can also go to FastMed Urgent Care for medical attention. We treat everything from colds and coughs to step throat and the flu.

Just promise us this: if you do lose your cold voice, don’t go to crazy lengths to get it back:

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