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Most companies realize the distinct relationship between an employee’s health and their work performance. More and more businesses are viewing employee wellness as an important investment and rely on biometric screenings to evaluate and anticipate an employee’s risk for certain medical conditions.

What is Biometric Screening?

Think of a biometric screening as a simple check-up with your healthcare provider to ensure you are healthy and not at risk for certain diseases. According to the CDC, a biometric screening is defined as the measurement of physical characteristics such as:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Body mass index
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood glucose

How long does the screening take?

Typically, a biometric screening should take around 20 minutes.

How should I prepare for biometric screening?

Most providers ask that you fast for 9-12 hours before your screening. Water, black coffee and plain tea are fine to drink, but in most cases, food should be avoided to get the most accurate results.

How often do I need biometric screening?

In most cases, a biometric screening will be required every year as part of the annual enrollment for your company’s wellness program.

What are the benefits of biometric screening?

Biometric ScreeningThe biggest benefit is being able to track your health and detect potential health problems early.

Will my employer have access to my results?

No. The purpose of the Biometric screening is for you to have the information and resources you need to stay healthy. Any information obtained during the biometric screening is kept confidential.

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