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Your ribcage is made up of 24 flat, curved bones that are arranged into 12 pairs. Your ribs are extremely important because they help you breathe and protect your heart, lungs, stomach, spleen, and kidneys from injury. Because your ribs play such a vital role in the overall functionality of your body, a broken rib can be extremely dangerous if not properly treated.

No one plans to break a rib. That is why FastMed Urgent Care addresses non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries with no appointment, is open weekends and holidays, and stays open late during the week. This makes FastMed a quicker, more convenient, and more affordable alternative to the emergency room.

Most Broken Ribs are Caused by Chest Trauma.

Broken RibCar accidents, falls, and sports injuries are commonly associated with chest trauma. Approximately 10% of all patients who seek medical attention for chest trauma have one or more rib fractures.While it is nearly impossible to determine if a rib is broken without performing an x-ray, there are several  symptoms that can signify a rib injury. These include:

  • Pain when you bend or twist your body
  • Pain that worsens when you press on the injured area
  • Painful breathing

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to see a medical professional immediately to ensure the broken rib does not cause any additional injuries, such as:

  • Ruptured spleen, liver, or kidneys
  • Torn or punctured aorta
  • Punctured lung
  • Flail chest

Flail chest occurs when 3 or more ribs are broken in more than one place. With multiple broken ribs, the broken area cannot hold its shape when you take a breath and makes breathing difficult.

When you need medical care to be fast, FastMed is available every day of the year. All of our walk-in clinics are clean, modern, and fully-equipped medical facilities with on-site digital x-rays and labs. We accept most insurance plans and most credit cards. We even offer savings plan for self-pay patients. Call or stop by today!

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