More than 50 walk-in locations

When it comes to choosing a walk in clinic, Burlington, NC, residents have a number of options, but none as convenient and experienced in dealing with urgent care and acute illness like FastMed Urgent Care. FastMed is open year round, even on holidays and weekends, to serve your healthcare needs on your schedule, whether before or after work, on your lunch hour, or at other times.

Scheduling a time to be sick is, unfortunately, impossible, which makes walk-in clinics very appealing to people who are busy at work or school.

Most people chose a walk-in clinic over a regular doctor or the emergency room because it is an affordable option that serves the needs they have under their insurance. Most insurance plans are accepted by FastMed, and FastMed is open extended hours until 8 p.m. so that you can walk in after school or work to be seen quickly and get on with your evening. 

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