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Illnesses and injuries can happen at any time without notice. A weekend hike, an early morning cough, or a Thanksgiving football match can all turn from routine events into potential dangers in the blink of an eye.  

Joan Didion once wrote, Confronted with sudden disaster we all focus on how unremarkable the circumstances were in which the unthinkable occurred, the clear blue sky from which the plane fell, the routine errand that ended on the shoulder with the car in flames, the swings where the children were playing as usual when the rattlesnake struck from the ivy.”

The fact is, every day is just a normal day, until it isn’t.

When an injury happens unexpectedly, or an illness strikes at an odd hour, most people scramble to find the closest emergency room, even if the condition is non-life-threatening. A broken finger, a hacking cough, a sprained ankle ‒ these things rarely require an emergency room visit.

Looking for the Closest Emergency Room?

The ER may not be the best option.

Closest Emergency Room

A study published in Emergency Medical Journal found that “patients’ perceptions of the urgency of their FastMed Urgent Care is available every day of the year, including weekends and holidays, stays open late duringcondition and the availability and capacity of alternative care providers may contribute to the high number of patients with minor problems visiting the emergency department.” Another reason for emergency room visits is the belief that the emergency room is the only provider who can resolve the health problem.

 the week, and offers treatment for a wide range of illnesses and injuries without an appointment. All of our walk-in clinics are clean, modern, and equipped with on-site labs, X-rays, and EKGs.   

Why choose FastMed over the emergency room?

On average, a trip to the emergency room will cost you 7 times more than going to FastMed for non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses, and most FastMed visits take an hour or less.

When should you find the closest emergency room?

When illness or injury strikes, FastMed is right in your neighborhood to help. Our goal is to provide the best service possible while being convenient, compassionate, and affordable. We’ll even prove it to you! See what others are saying about FastMed Urgent Care!If your condition is currently or could become life-threatening, you should go to the emergency room. If you aren’t sure how serious your condition is, this infographic can help!

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