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Ear Infection

So, you have an ear infection.  What caused it? How can you fix it?  Don’t worry; these questions will all be answered.  Luckily, FastMed is your neighborhood Urgent Care facility, and we can cure ear infections for you.  But for right now, let’s talk about causes and symptoms of ear infections.


Allergies and allergens are everywhere.  Ear infections can often occur in a child with allergies. Thanks to FastMed, your child can be cured right away.  Meanwhile, grab tissues and medicine…or call on your friendly neighborhood ninjas. 

Swimmer’s Ear

Shenanigans around the pool are crucial as a child.  As you get older, you’re content to just lay in a lounge chair and get your tan on, but little kids LOVE the pool. One of the greatest pool games of all time is Sharks and Minnows.  If your kid is the Don Corleone of the pool, he or she is always the shark.  As he or she is moving with Jaws-like speed through the water, he or she could potentially get water stuck behind the eardrum and in the ear canal.  That water stuck back there can cause infection.  If you and your kid take these precautions, your shark won’t have to be beached, and he or she can continue ruling over the pool with an iron fist (or fin).


A fever is another pesky symptom of ear infections.  However, along with being a symptom of an ear infection, the fever could signal a more serious infection in a child.  If your child has a fever or ear infection, come to your nearest FastMed Urgent Care facility, and we’ll knock those out for you right away.

Lack Of Eating

Kids eat everything.  They are human garbage disposals.  Kids at a young age love to eat, and that’s a good thing because their metabolisms are usually quick and they are growing just as fast, so they need good food and nutrients.  However, an ear infection can knock kids out of commission pretty quickly.    

You will be able to tell when kids are sick because their whole personality changes, and a common symptom is lack of eating.  The kids won’t eat. No matter how much they are tempted by brownies, cookies, chips, or anything else, they won’t eat it. The muscles that move your jaw work with the muscles and bones in your ear, so the act of chewing and swallowing will cause pain in the ear if your child has an ear infection.  They won’t even eat the broccoli or other vegetables just to be excused from the table. So if your child just isn’t eating, he or she could have an ear infection.  Bring your sick children by your local FastMed, and we’ll have them back to eating everything in a jiff. 


Earache is the most common symptom of an ear infection, because it’s literally pain in your ear. Earache could be caused from sticking things too deeply in your ear to just having water back there.  Misuse of Q-tips is a common culprit for ear infections.  Everyone’s favorite cotton swab is strictly a beauty tool, but plenty of people shove Q-Tips down in their ear canals to try and get earwax out.  The strict warning label on the box of Q-tips clearly tells people to not shove them inside the ear, but people do.  So one way to stop a potential ear infection is to avoid using Q-Tips for your ears. Another way you can clean your ears is to move your head from side to side to clear out any water or wax.  No matter how nice it may feel to use a Q-tip, feels it’s still hazardous to your ears.  So, if you can, refrain from shoving Q-Tips in your ears. 

If you have any of these symptoms, or any more those that are listed on our website, don’t hesitate to call us or come and see us – we’ll get you fixed up right away on the road to recovery.  We care about your health, so stop by FastMed for any non-emergent medical needs.  

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