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If you or your child are experiencing an earache and fever in Tolleson, AZ, there may be an ear infection present and you should visit FastMed Urgent Care today.

Our friendly medical professionals at FastMed’s Tolleson, AZ clinic will use a special tool to look inside the ear and detect any possible ear infections. Over-the-counter drugs such as Tylenol or Motrin are often used to treat an earache and fever and our Tolleson, AZ FastMed facility can usually send patients home with the medication they need, saving a trip to the pharmacy. Do not give your child aspirin for an ear infection. In the case of a child, our FastMed professionals will prescribe an antibiotic.

What you Should Know About Earaches and Fevers

There are several things to keep in mind about ear infections, earaches and fevers, including the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention.

  • Ear infections are most common in children under the age of three. The majority of children will experience an ear infection by the age of seven.

  • Ear infections can happen as a result of colds, sore throats, allergies and swimmer’s ear when fluids get backed up behind the eardrum and spread bacterial or viral germs to the middle ear. Bacterial and viral infections are the most common causes of an ear infection.

  • Earaches can occur without the presence of an ear infection. Inflammation and fluid buildup can cause soreness and a feeling of stuffiness in the ears known as otitis media with effusion.

  • Other symptoms of an ear infection include loss of appetite, trouble sleeping and fluid in the ears.

  • Bottle-feeding and pacifiers have been connected to a greater risk of ear infections. Having the baby rest in an upright position while bottle-feeding or using a pacifier can decrease this risk.

  • Children who frequent child care centers and spend significant time around other children are at a greater risk for ear infections.

Don’t hesitate to see a medical professional with an earache and fever. Our Tolleson, AZ FastMed location on Lower Buckeye Road is open seven days a week and does not require appointments. You or your child can be treated for an ear infection in under an hour in an affordable and friendly way—the FastMed way.

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