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Facts on Employee Drug Testing from NC Department of Labor

Employee drug testing NCNorth Carolina Department of Labor does not require drug testing by law, but it does allow employee drug testing to be conducted, following state guidelines.

Can my employer require me to take part in employee drug testing?

Yes. Your employer can make a clean drug test a condition of your employment.

Can my employer require me to pay for my drug test?

No.  The only time you might need to pay for a test is if you request a re-test of a drug test that came back positive.

What happens if I refuse to take part in employee drug testing?

Normally if employee drug testing is required, at some point you will be asked to read the drug testing policy and sign it. Your signature is an agreement to submit to employee drug testing. If you refuse to do so, your employer may chose to fire you. 

Do I have to take a drug test to get a job?

It depends. More and more companies do pre-employment drug screening, It might be safer to assume that you might need to take a drug test before being hired. If you refuse or you fail the drug test, chances are good the job offer will be withdrawn.

I take medication – will that show up in an employee drug test?

When you go for your drug test, make sure the FastMed medical professional nearest you is aware of any prescription you are taking, particularly narcotic medications such as pain relievers, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants or anxiety medication.  It’s best to bring a list of your prescriptions and evidence of legitimate use, such as a pill bottle or a note from your doctor. You should not be penalized for the legitimate use of medication.

Do employers need parental consent to conduct employee drug testing on a minor?

No.  NC law does not require parental consent or even knowledge to perform a drug test on an employee under 18 years of age. The results of the drug test can not be released to the parents without the consent of the employee.  It is recommended that NC employers consult with an attorney regarding employee drug testing on minor children.

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