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how long does dot certification lastHow long does my DOT certification last? For CMV drivers, this is a frequent question. You probably already know that in order to pass your DOT physical exam you should be healthy and alert. You also know that passing your DOT physical is critical to your driving career. But for a CMV driver with other questions, where should you turn?

If You Have Questions About How Long a DOT Certification Lasts, FastMed is Here

What is DOT certification?

There are certain health requirements that CMV drivers should meet in order to obtain their DOT certification. These requirements are evaluated during a DOT physical exam by a certified medical examiner.

What are the DOT physical exam requirements?

There are several. Some of these include:

  • Adequate hearing
  • Good vision
  • Regular blood pressure and pulse
  • A negative drug test

Who can perform a DOT physical exam?

According to DOT regulations, DOT physical exams should be performed by FMCSA certified medical examiners. who are on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

What if my current physician is not FMCSA certified?

Unfortunately, if your current physician is not FMCSA certified, they would not be authorized to perform a DOT physical. You can check the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners website to find certified medical examiners. Luckily, FastMed has plenty of certified physicians to perform the exam!

How long does my DOT certification last?

In most cases, a DOT certification will last for 24 months. According to DOT regulations and guidelines, a CMV driver should be evaluated by a certified medical examiner every 2 years to ensure they are healthy enough to operate a commercial motor vehicle competently. However, this timeframe is ultimately up to the medical examiner. For some conditions that need to be monitored, such as high blood pressure, a medical examiner may choose to validate a DOT certificate for less than 24 months.  

 FastMed offers affordable DOT physicals, flu shots, check ups, vaccines and other services and has convenient locations all over North Carolina and Arizona. With our flexible hours and staff of FMCSA certified physicians, it is no wonder so many CMV drivers trust FastMed.

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