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Question: How to Maintain a Positive Attitude in the Workplace?

how to maintain a positive attitude in the workplaceFor some people knowing how to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace seems to come naturally.  But for others, not so much.  Many people who perceive themselves as “realists”, are surprised when a co-worker or boss tells them to stop being negative. These realists are usually trying to anticipate issues, but because they haven’t acknowledged the an idea’s value first, they are perceived as negative.  

Learning how to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace is helpful to your career but also helpful to your body. A positive attitude can reduce stress and for individuals struggling with substance abuse can offer a clearer perspective on sobriety.  At FastMed we offer occupational health services for businesses, conduct drug and alcohol testing, evaluate workman comp cases and do physical exams.  Visit our website at to find a convenient location. We are open 365 days a year with extended hours and accept most insurance carriers.

Tips for How to Maintain a Positive Attitude in the Workplace

1. Stop Complaining: Start becoming aware of complaints and negative comments. Most negative people have no idea how often they whine or complain. It doesn’t go over well with colleagues or supervisors and can throw up a roadblock to advances at work.

2. Be Part of the Team: Every job will have components that are less pleasant than others.  But doing the work with a positive attitude will improve your job satisfaction, demonstrate your work ethic to your supervisors, and show commitment to the goals of the company.

3.  Glass Half-Full: Learn how to focus on what’s good about a situation first, before you point out things that might not work or could go wrong.  Learning to think about the positives is a great stress reducer and encourages personal satisfaction and happiness.

4.  Be Healthy:  Taking care of your health can do wonders for your attitude.  Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and eat nutritional foods. Exercise at the office, even it that is just taking a walk around the parking lot during lunch.

5. Focus on Solutions: There are always going to be problems at work so set your expectations that way.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed, defensive or accusatory.  Discuss the problem only long enough to understand the scope of a solution.  Communicate the issue with a suggestion for how to fix it and your boss will be impressed.





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