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Asking yourself “How Can I tell if I have poison ivy?” Mesa, AZ has a modern FastMed facility that can answer your question and aid in the necessary treatment.

Contrary to popular opinion, poison ivy does grow in Arizona and anyone is at risk of having a reaction to it if they come into contact with the plant. About 85% of people who come into contact with poison ivy get an itchy rash. The actual reaction that individuals have to the plant is due to the urushiol, which causes a rash on the skin. If you have a rash on your skin and are wondering “How can I tell if I have poison ivy?” in Arizona, stop by FastMed and a medical professional will be able to determine if any treatment is necessary.

The urushiol from poison ivy is capable of sticking to anything that comes into contact with it. This includes shoes, clothing and the fur of animals. If you are outside and come into contact with poison ivy, be sure to wash everything in warm water with soap. Doing so will reduce the risk of developing a rash on the skin. This will also reduce the likelihood of the urushiol spreading to other parts of the body from clothing, etc.

Wondering “How Can I Tell If I Have Poison Ivy?” Mesa, AZ FastMed has the Answer!

The type of rash that develops from poison ivy is red, itchy and blistery. If you see this type of rash on your skin, it’s important to treat the affected parts with the proper medication. Over-the-counter medication may suffice when treating poison ivy but if you are still wondering how you can tell if you have poison ivy, you may want to stop by the Mesa, AZ FastMed and seek medical care. The experienced and dedicated medical professionals at FastMed will be able to provide the care you need in a clean and welcoming environment.  

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