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Wondering, “how to tell if I have the flu?” Mesa, AZ has a great FastMed facility that can help distinguish the differences between the flu and other illnesses.

Sometimes it can be difficult to answer the question of “how to tell if I have the flu” considering that it can frequently be confused with other types of illnesses. One of the most common conditions that people confuse with the flu is a cold.

Here are the typical symptoms associated with both illness and how to distinguish the correct illness associated with each symptom:

  • Body Aches: more common and severe with the flu, less common with a cold, however, slight aches may occur with a cold
  • Chills: very common in those infected with the flu, while uncommon with a cold
  • Cough: the type of cough associated with the flu is dry and unproductive, while a cough associated with a cold is wet and productive of mucus
  • Headache: more common with the flu, while much less common with a cold
  • Fatigue: both illness may cause someone to be tired but the flu is known to cause severe fatigue and only mild fatigue is caused from a cold
  • Fever: a fever is typically only associated with the flu
  • Sneezing/Stuffy nose: rare in cases of the flu, while very common in cases of a cold
  • Sore throat: typically not linked to the flu but commonly associated with a cold

Don’t Have The Flu? Time to get a Vaccination!

The best way to avoid getting the flu is to get vaccinated against it, FastMed provides flu and other vaccinations. We can provide treatments that will help decrease the length of time you are sick and the severity overall of the flu.

The flu is very contagious! After you are finished visiting your local FastMed in Mesa Arizona for treatment, stay home and get plenty of rest.

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